2nd Half of the Season Changes

Updated Monday April 24, 2017 by Woodland Cal Ripken Baseball League.

We are half way there! Can you believe that we have reached the halfway point in the season already? I sure can't!
REMEMBER the local rules for Farm and Rookies are changing this Tuesday.
           FARM: Local Rule 2.1. Line Up - For the second half of the season, a batter will be out if 3 outs are called or 5 runs are made, whichever occurs first. The batting order shall not change during the game. If players arrive to the game late, they will be added to the bottom of the order. The lineup will rotate each game so no player is always first and no player is always last.
           FARM: Local Rule 1.13. Inning - The second half of the season, the inning is over when a team receives 3 outs or 5 runs, whichever occurs first.  If a team is ahead with 10 points or more, there will be no more runs counted on the score board. If the 10 or more points are made by the visiting team, the home team will have their at bat before the score board is stopped. The time will continue to run for the remainder of the game time.  
           ROOKIES: Local Rule 6.4.5. "Coach Pitch" Innings and "Kid Pitch" Innings -  The manager, coach, or authorized adult shall pitch the first TWO (2) innings of each game and players shall pitch the final FOUR (4) innings in all league games until the mid-point of the season (half the scheduled games played or Derby Day). In all games scheduled after the mid-point of the season players shall pitch the entire game.
           ROOKIES: Local Rule 6.6.3. Second Half of the Season Rookie Stealing Rule - Base runners will be allowed to steal home on a passed ball only.
We have scheduled rain out games on the fields tonight. If you had practice scheduled on the fields, please contact your manager for an alternate location.
Please contact your team Manager if you have any questions.